HIAB Saves Time and Labor

Foundation slab deliveryBack in the 60’s, using lightweight concrete slabs in house construction was common in places like West Germany. Although a single concrete block unit is light, it takes many of these for just the building of one house. Moving and erecting these can be cumbersome and time consuming when done by hand.

In this Method article from 1968 HIAB is shown to simplify this process, while proving its value many times over in the handling of both pre-fab units, as well as the conventional types of materials that are required in house building.

Ytong concrete blocks were carried by the HIAB’s for this type of work. While this allows for faster and less labor requirements for unloading, the real value lies with the HIAB truck and crane’s ability to place the blocks into the area where they will be used. In fact, this equipment allows for the pallets to be placed right within the foundation. This way the bricklayers have access to the materials they need right beside them and don’t have to spend precious time hauling them to the work area.

The HIAB crane is well known for being a very impressive and a versatile piece of equipment. What may not be realized is that it also has the capability of being used for the handling and movement of lightweight materials that, in the past, have been the source of much labor intensive requirements and wasted time. As with any industry, the key to success for efficiency, and customers realized long ago that HIAB reduced the amount of manpower required for each step of a project and provided a safer working environment. In HIAB’s Method magazine, issues 10, there is an article titled “Straight Into Place.” In this article, you can learn more about how the HIAB crane was used for various building projects.