HIAB Raises the Roof

Our previous post talked about the beginnings of pre-fabricated housing in the late 1960s and the important role HIAB Speedloader cranes played in erecting the walls of pre-fab homes.

Other areas of the building industry also benefited from HIAB technology, as the attached edition of HIAB Method magazine shows. In an article called “HIAB Raises the Roof”, we see the HIAB 174 Speedloader being used in Austria to hoist roof beams into place. Workers had the added benefit of a “hydraulic extension and an extra jib section to give it a lifting height of 36 feet (11 metres).” In the US, workers used a 177 Speedloader with several extra sections on the jib to put roof trusses into place.

The HIAB Speedloader enabled operators to reach up to 3 or 4 storeys in height, often eliminating the need for special building cranes and making the job go faster.

To see the HIAB Speedloaders in action, we invite you to browse the pages of the attached edition of HIAB Method magazine. To see current HIAB cranes at work, watch the video clip on our HIAB Truck Cranes page.