HIAB Pre-Shift Inspection Checklist Available on Atlas Polar Site

Both HIAB and Atlas Polar take operator safety very seriously. HIAB truck cranes are
designed and manufactured with the latest safety features, and rigorously tested in accordance with current international standards. Atlas Polar is a leader in HIAB crane operation training, offering courses that emphasize safe operation of HIAB cranes.

That is why HIAB and Atlas Polar are pleased to offer you a comprehensive pre–shift inspection checklist on the Atlas Polar website. This list is available for reference directly on our site or in PDF format for you to download and print.

The checklist covers all of the checks crane operators should be making before beginning their daily shift. It includes visual checks, like fluid checks and inspections for cracks or dents. It also includes operational checks and important safety information, like checking for overhead wires and ensuring stability of the crane.

Click here download your PDF copy of the HIAB pre–shift inspection checklist.