Atlas Polar Site Now Offering Moffett Mounty Pre-Operation Checklist


Moffett Mounty truck–mounted forklifts are the most popular in Canada. Their versatility and power have made them the number one choice for a wide range of industries, from food and beverage to agriculture, construction and landscaping.

In addition to performance, Moffett Mounty forklifts are also recognized for their reliability and safety. They are tested to meet or exceed the ANSI B56.6 standards for rough terrain forklifts.

For Moffett and Atlas Polar, safe operation is a priority. For that reason, we are now offering the Moffett Mounty Pre–Operation checklist on our website. The form is available as a PDF for you to download and print whenever you need it.

The list covers all of the daily checks that forklift operators should make before beginning work. Visual checks, operational checks and transport checks are all included in a clear and easy–to–use format. Download yours today.