1-800-DumpJunk Uses HIAB Crane and Multilift Hooklift to Haul Residential Waste


Homeowners in the western half of the Greater Toronto Area have probably seen a 1–800–DumpJunk truck hauling away yard waste, lumber, shingles, and just about anything else a homeowner needs to throw out.

A division of Weed–A–Way Ltd., 1–800–DumpJunk offers clients a bin or bag service to help them manage the large waste generated from spring cleaning, home renovations, gardening, and other cleaning projects that homeowners carry out from time to time. Bins hold 4 to 14 cubic yards of waste, while bags hold up to 3,300 pounds of garbage.

On their website, they refer to their trucks as ”state–of–the–art“, and we agree. 1–800–DumpJunk uses the Multilift Hooklift to transport, unload and reload their bins. The Hooklift is an innovative and versatile piece of equipment that enables companies like 1–800–DumpJunk to transform a single truck into a multipurpose fleet that is ideal for hauling and dumping large loads. The company also relies on the HIAB XS 088 truck crane for smooth handling and precision placement of its waste hauling bins and bags.

Atlas Polar is the North American distributor for Multilift Hooklifts which come in a variety of models, capable of handling loads from 9,000 to 50,000 pounds. We also sell the HIAB XS 088, an extraordinary performer in the 8 tonne metre class.

To learn more about 1–800–DumpJunk, visit their website. To find out more about our complete line of Hooklift and HIAB products, visit our Multilift Hooklift Systems page or HIAB truck crane pages.