Titan and HIAB make a Good Team

HIAB and Titan wet shotcreate machines

HIAB machinery is called upon to fulfill many different roles and meet the needs of various industries, which it does with efficiency and ease. In Turkey, where there is an ongoing need for building and repairs of tunnels, HIAB cranes, as well as Titan construction and mining machinery, team up to get the job done.

Part of this tunnel building and maintenance process requires the use of the Titan wet shotcreate machines. These are equipped with HIAB cranes to assist them in getting the job done. The job of the Titan equipment is to spray the walls of the tunnels with wet concrete to give them a smooth, clean, and impressive looking finish, while adding to the durability and safety of the tunnels.

With a job as important as this, Titan needed to rely on cranes that were going to be able to stand up to the stress that this type of operation puts on them. The wet concrete is much denser than water and the nozzle for applying this concrete is located at the top of the crane. The HIAB crane has performed exceptionally well under this type of stress in terms of durability, longevity, and most importantly, safety. The major component that enables the HIAB crane to handle this type of stress is the top quality steel that is used in the cranes, which drastically cuts down on the metal fatigue.

While HIAB cranes are normally used for load lifting, their use here is a clear example of how this equipment can be customized to fit the needs of the customer.

TITAN is a leading producer of concrete spraying machines in Turkey. By implementing the HIAB cranes into their spraying equipment, it has allowed them to provide the type of service their customers demand, while at the same time, boosted the profit margin on the sale of the machinery. While opportunities exist for cheaper cranes, it seems that TITAN is not prepared to compromise the integrity and durability that only comes with the HIAB cranes.