HIAB MultiCoupling – Connect Multiple Hydraulic Lines Simultaneously

Yet another great innovation from HIAB to tell you about.

The HIAB Multicoupling package offers an affordable and easy way to switch crane accessories, even under full working pressure.

Its operation is clean and simple. It is made up of a fixed part (female connection) and a mobile part (male connection). Connect the fixed part onto the hydraulic circuit of the crane, and then connect the mobile part to the input hoses of the crane’s accessories. From there you can connect several hydraulic lines in one operation. In fact, you can use one mobile part for each accessory to ensure quicker and safer changes.

To ensure perfect alignment of the lines, the Multicoupling package uses reference pins. There are also locks to prevent unintentional disconnection. The release handle includes a safety lock (a red push button) that can be fitted on either side of the handle.

The oil flow capacity of the various multicoupling models range from 40 l/min to 150 l/min. With the 150 l/min multicoupling model, you can also supply stationary mounted cranes (disconnected from the truck) with oil pressure. Note that this configuration requires an extra hydraulic and electrical connection.

Multicoupling packages are available for Hiab crane ranges 055-166 and 175-377. A retro-fit kit is also available with all the parts needed to fit the Multicoupling package to your crane.

To learn more about the HIAB Multicoupling package, download the product brochure or contact your Atlas Polar dealer.