HIAB Method Load Handling Magazine

Have you ever been to Québec City, specifically its historic heart? If so, then you can picture its narrow streets and beautiful heritage buildings. Now imagine making deliveries there. Of beer. In kegs or cases. Then repeat the task in towns and villages across Québec.

Hauling a 50 kg keg of beer up to a third floor restaurant was difficult and unsafe – many delivery personnel ended up with serious injuries. Luckily, the fleet manager at Labatt came up with a possible solution – Hiab cranes. He approached John Stuart, General Manager of Hiab Québec, a subsidiary of Atlas Polar, andtogether they devised a logistics plan that would make deliveries safer and more efficient.

To streamline things even more, they added Moffett truck-mounted forklifts to the mix. Now both majorQuébec brewers – Labatt and Molson – have incorporated Moffett into their logistics plans and both are reaping the benefits.

To read more about how these companies used HIAB and Moffett solutions to overcome their delivery challenges, check out this issue of Hiab’s Method, load handling magazine.