New Video For Mixveyor MVHT5100

Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor MVHT5100

In previous posts I’ve talked a little about our new Front Discharge Mixveyor. Now it’s time to talk about the other great products in our Mixveyor Concrete Conveyor line-up.

For sheer flexibility and reach, the Mixveyor MVHT5100 model is the best choice. The conveyor extends up to 51 ft., includes a 13 ft. telescopic belt, and pours in a 300º radius around the truck, which means you can pour in virtually any direction from a long distance without having to move the truck. Precision Atlas Polar radio remote controls give you even more versatility when positioning the conveyor, and extendable outriggers increase stability.

While the Mixveyor 5100’s light weight makes it easy to release and maneuver, we have not sacrificed strength and durability. High-tensile steel increases the conveyor’s strength. Because of our innovative design, there is less wear and tear on the conveyor, belt and truck. The simplified hydraulic design also means lower maintenance.

After 25 years of making and distributing concrete conveyors, we have in-depth knowledge of what our customers want and the Mixveyor 5100 will exceed your needs. We now have a video clip of the Mixveyor in action, so you can see for yourself its versatility and excellent design.