Extra Long Reach with Atlas Polar Telescopic Mixveyor Conveyor

With some innovations in truck design and the addition of a 52’ telescopic Mixveyor, the Central Supply Company of West Virginia has extended the reach of its ready-mix trucks to compensate for the uneven terrain frequently found on building sites in the state.

The attached article describes how the truck was modified: “Kimble Mixer stretched the Volvo VHD 64B-mounted mixer’s wheel base to 313 in., adding a steerable tag and three Hendrickson Composite SC10 steerable pusher axles.” With fewer axles, the truck would have been limited to 5-yd. loads, but the modifications make 9-yd. payloads possible.

The 52-ft. Atlas Polar Mixveyor satisfies the company’s need to better serve its customers. It allows for far greater mix placement reach than standard 40-ft. mixer-mounted belts and 32-m boom pumps.

Despite the recession, the construction industry in West Virginia has managed to keep humming, and Atlas Polar is pleased to be along for the ride.

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