HIAB Cranes with VSL and Analog Sensors – Delivering the Right Balance Between Capacity and Stability

Stability is a crucial feature of any crane, and crane manufacturers must provide stability regardless of the application(s) . Unfortunately, in their attempt to ensure stability, they end up restraining capacity. The resultant is a crane that stops because it thinks that the stability is not good enough. HIAB has successfully tackled this problem with VSL or Variable Stability Limit.

A HIAB crane with VSL and analog sensors strikes a perfect balance between capacity and stability. It is a smart solution that maximizes capacity relative to stability. It does this by assessing the pressure on the stabilizer extensions, i.e. how far they are extended, whilst ensuring that the legs are firmly and solidly rested on the ground. This feature is especially useful for boom trucks. It aids the operator in supervising stability and enables the optimization of crane capacity at the same time.

A HIAB crane with VSL and analogue sensors:

  • Provides optimal capacity in each situation without jeopardizing stability
  • Offers step-less increase in capacity
  • Is fully automatic, so that you can focus on getting the job done
  • Is built-in and well protected for long lasting durability

VSL equipped cranes from HIAB offer high levels of safety for the vehicle and the crane operator. They can also be used for higher capacity applications in sectors where this was previously not possible. With an emphasis on higher levels of productivity and operator safety, VSL is indeed a smart solution that cargo handlers can be thankful for.