HIAB and Multilift Underground Cleaning

HIAB and Multilift are helping make underground waste management more sustainable.

Underground containers are a popular, pleasing, and convenient solution for waste management in many cities. They optimize space and address the problem of unsightly overflowing trash bins, making cityscapes more visually appealing. They also have a significant environmental impact. Underground waste collection reduces litter, odour, greenhouse gas emissions and pest problems. The challenges come when cleaning them in busy urban areas.

HIAB S-cranes, like the S-HiPRO 230W, are purpose-designed for underground collection. Cure Afvalbeheer, a Dutch waste management company, has solved the problems – sustainably – with a HIAB X-HiPRO 232-E3 crane, a Multilift ULTIMA 18S hooklift and an advanced washing unit mounted on a DAF electric truck.

The innovative use of the HIAB and Multilift models streamlines operations, boosts efficiency and maximizes versatility. The evolutionary Ultima 18S truck-mounted hooklift speeds up container swapping, making loading and unloading quick and easy with minimal downtime and can be managed by a single operator. The powerful X-HiPRO 232-E3 truck crane has a 19 tm lift capacity to 12.7 m and has superior speed, durability, accuracy and lower energy consumption. Their compact design leaves more room for larger loads for fewer trips.

electric underground cleaning X-HIPPRO 232-E3

When mounted to DAF’s electric vehicle with AW Materiel’s advanced washing unit, HIAB and Multilift products shine as sophisticated, sustainable, modern solutions to underground waste collection. They not only reduce labour but save time and money. They revolutionize the way waste management is done—unparalleled benefits in an increasingly competitive industry sector.