Have You Heard About Hiab’s Testing Facility?

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We all know about Hiab’s commitment to quality. That commitment has been made even stronger with a recent €2.5 million investment in a state-of-the-art testing centre in Hudiksvall, Sweden.

With this testing facility, Hiab test a wider range of cranes and components, and test with greater precision than ever before. In fact, they evaluate ten years of real life work environments, in any location and any climate, in just three to four weeks.

The facility includes a reinforced floor that rests on 137 concrete pillars sunk eight metres into the ground to provide added stability for extreme testing conditions. Special equipment outside allows for testing of the largest cranes. What’s more, in addition to their own cranes, the company can also test the parts provided by sub-suppliers.

While the facility allows Hiab to continue its leadership role in developing new crane technologies, it ultimately benefits the customer – future plans for testing include getting more power from existing engines, reducing CO2 emissions, and increasing comfort and safety for crane operators. A key area of focus will be achieving more power from the same steel with less fuel.

By providing customers with the latest innovations in crane technologies faster, Hiab is sure to remain the industry leader.

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