Ever wondered what’s so special about the “XS” in “HIAB XS”?

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You’ve seen the letters “XS” in all of our HIAB cranes, from the HIAB XS 055 to the heavy–duty K–range. You might think XS means Xtra Special, and in a way you’re right.

XS refers to the product line, which is quite unlike any other on the market. HIAB designed the XS line to be extremely responsive to customer needs. It is based on a highly modular system that enables HIAB to tailor each crane to your specific requirements.

The full model name – like XS 166 E–4 HiPro – comes from its particular capacity, link system, boom system and control system. If you divide the three–digit model number by ten, you’ll have an idea of the capacity in tonne metres, but the exact capacity depends on the control system you choose. As the latest HIAB brochure points out, because the systems are modular, each “choice you make affects the performance and characteristics of the crane, including its lifting capacity, speed and precision.”

In addition to the control system, the control units (lever or remote control), intelligence systems, and mechanics (boom and link systems) all combine to make each crane unique.

A new booklet from HIAB called The XS Concept, explains all of the various options and helps you decide on the right features for the type of work you do. Click to download your copy of The XS Concept Brochure or feel free to Contact us for a free copy.