HIAB Cranes – Precision and Safety for the Most Sensitive Jobs

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Changing sand in children’s sandboxes, removing leaves without damaging flowerbeds – these are the kinds of jobs Rolf Sundberg does every day. His company, Ingarö Bygg & Markservice (IB&M) of Sweden, relies on its HIAB XS 211 crane to get the job done.

Sundberg credits the crane’s precision, light weight and long reach for helping him do his work with no damage to parks and green spaces: “My present crane has a reach of 16.5 metres. I also like the precision. This is essential in many of the jobs that I do. In the autumn, when I am collecting piles of leaves, you really notice how concerned the public are by how much damage will be caused to the grass. But I can pick up every single leaf with my clamshell bucket without leaving a single mark on the grass.”

He is also very pleased with the new reflective stickers HIAB now offers for its boom extensions and stabilizers. He often has to position his truck in parks or near bike paths, so the intense yellow reflectors make the crane much more visible to cyclists and drivers. They also make it easier for him to watch the movement of the crane during the dark fall and winter months.

His crane gets a lot of use – he estimates that the boom goes in and out between 300 and 400 times every day. It is because they are so durable that Sundberg continues to rely on HIAB cranes – the XS 211 is the seventh HIAB model used by IB&M.

Atlas Polar offers the full line of HIAB cranes, including the XS 211. To view the technical specifications and product information for this model, visit the Atlas Polar XS 211 page.