HIAB XS 166 – Meeting Standards for Safety and Performance

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When Norska Vejdekke needed a crane that met the latest EU requirements for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP), they turned to the HIAB XS 166 E–4 HiPro.

The company is currently digging a massive tunnel under Stockholm that will eventually be part of a new roadway. They had one truck–mounted crane, but the manufacturer of that crane could not produce a new model that met the new MEWP requirements, so the company “decided on a HIAB instead, and the actual model was determined by its reach”, says site manager Peter Antonsen.

The project is quite an undertaking. The crew is blasting through granite to create a series of networked tunnels. Using standard equipment, like giant dumpers and loaders, they are removing large quantities of solid rock. Once the big debris is gone, they use rock scaling machines to pry away loose fragments. Holes are then drilled and injected with cement to hold the entire surface together.

Two injector vehicles are used in the project. One of those is a 4–axle Mercedes Actros 4141, which is equipped with a HIAB XS 166 E–4 HiPro crane. Using radio controls, the operator can move himself on the HIAB crane, which has been outfitted with a personnel basket. Once in position, he can place the concrete injector manually into place to complete the injection.

Work moves at a fast pace – on an average day between 10 and 20 tonnes of cement are injected into the rock, with about 70 to 100L going into each 25–metre hole. It is a fascinating process that demonstrates the incredible versatility and dependability of HIAB products.

The XS 166 line comes in a variety of models, each with different levels of technology and various functions. The HiPro control system is the most advanced in the market, offering speed and precision while ensuring operator safety.

For more information on the XS 166 line, visit the Atlas Polar XS 166 Crane page. Detailed products specs are available in PDF format, as is our guide for selecting the right truck–mounted crane.