The Best Crane HIAB Has Ever Invented?

HIAB XS 622 TRuck Crane

The product brochure for the new HIAB XS 622 truck mounted crane says that this crane is “probably the best crane” ever invented by the company. We think that all of HIAB’s cranes could be given that lofty designation, but it’s true that the XS 622 is a pretty impressive machine. We talked about the crane’s new features in our last post, and here we’ll look a little more closely at some of the options and other features that make this crane stand out from the pack.

  • This crane is fast. It takes just 55 seconds for the nine extensions to extend.
  • The optional P-boom (EP configuration) can be fitted with up to 6 extensions, offering 17m of outreach with a lifting capacity of more than 2.7 tonnes.
  • An optional jib lets you reach high places easily. Imagine delivering 680 kg up to 23 metres above the ground and placing it precisely inside a building!
  • The variable pump extends the life of the crane’s hydraulic systems by keeping it at least 20ºC cooler than a traditional pump. It also offers tremendous reductions in fuel consumption—4,000 litres less fuel gets used per year with the variable pump.
  • The Variable Stability Limit, which is optional outside the EU but highly recommended, automatically regulates crane capacity in relation to actual stability while working. As the product brochure for the XS 622 says, “the position of each stabiliser leg is monitored and, if necessary, capacity is reduced for certain slewing angles.”

The HIAB XS 622 truck mounted crane “reaches farther than most and delivers to places where many others cannot.” It is proof-positive of the excellence of HIAB products and we are pleased to offer it to Atlas Polar customers. Visit our XS 622 web page for more information.