Automatic Stop Log Lifter Reduces Operating Costs, Improves Safety

If you work in the hydro-electric industry you are aware that handling stop logs in waterways can be a pretty dangerous job. I get a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that Atlas Polar offers equipment that has helped make this industry a little safer.

At one time, stop log control was carried out by work crews using hand-cranked winches with lifting hooks manually engaged. The work was challenging at the best of times, often requiring teams of up to 6 individuals. In poor weather, the work was not just difficult – it was dangerous.

The Atlas Polar hydraulic Stop Log Lifter is the ideal solution to removing stop logs from the sluiceway. With this system, a single operator can secure and remove logs, stack them and retrieve and replace them – all in far less time than manual operations allow.

Another great feature of our Stop Log Lifter is its versatility. In fact,versatility is part of the design. The Stop Log Lifter System can be tailored to individual site requirements. Installation is easy and completed within a few hours.

To learn more about the Stop Log Lifter and read the technical specifications, visit Atlas Polar Website and download the new brochure by clicking here.