Atlas Polar Hydrobrush Cleans Intake Screens 24/7 – Even in the Coldest Weather

“What do a water pump facility, fish monitoring facility and transfer facility have in common?” Well, I guess the answer to this riddle would depend upon the cleanliness of the three facilities in question.

For impeccably clean fish monitoring, pump, transfer, and other similar facilities, Atlas Polar provides a gentle, automated system that brushes stainless steel screens below the waterline. Atlas Polar’s Hydrobrush System cleans 24 hours a day, regardless of the weather or temperature. In other words, it is a reliable system, even in the coldest weather.

So how does the Atlas Polar’s Hydrobrush System work? Well, operating on a steel rail above the waterline, hydraulic brushes scrub screens clean and remove debris to an above-water spillway. From here the debris can be safely and efficiently handled and removed. An optional transporter/spillway system is also available to automatically remove debris to collection sites located on either side of a facility’s intake area. Multiple Hydrobrush units can be installed on the same rail system for removing brush and debris from intake screens on even the largest facilities.

For more info, watch a short video of the system in action at a fish monitoring facility.