A Clear View to Productivity


Moffett truck-mounted forklifts are hard at work on all kinds of sites, in all kinds of conditions, on all kinds of terrain, all over the world. And if that proves one thing, it’s that people in materials handling businesses face the same kind of challenges no matter where they are. So we thought you’d find it interesting to see how Moffett forklifts have made the world of difference to a window manufacturer in Melbourne, Australia.

Miglas High Performance Windows is a family business located as far down under as we Canadians are up north. They’re a family operation that wanted to grow and expand, but tough terrain and site conditions made it a real problem to meet their customers’ delivery and placement expectations. And, as they continued to build larger and larger windows, the business required way too much manpower to make any kind of growth realistic. As they described the situation, their labour costs were “ridiculous”.

Miglas found Moffett truck-mounted forklifts tailor-made for their business. Their power, performance, and safety allowed them to “effectively eliminate all the manpower on the site”. Instead of a larger staff, they now needed just a single operator for loading, unloading and deliveries. All-wheel drive and multi-directional steering let them tackle any off-road terrain conditions and get around tight spots to deliver directly to their customers’ sites, and place them straight into the openings.

Thanks to Moffett’s ease of use, low maintenance and absolute reliability, Miglas was able to make more deliveries, more efficiently, and to lower costs. The result? Miglas could offer an end-to-end solution for their customers that expanded their business throughout the region.

For Miglas, Moffett was clearly the practical choice.