30+ Year Old HIAB 650 Working Hard in Muskoka

30+ Year Old HIAB 650  Working Hard in Muskoka

I was scanning the Web and noticed a small blog article where a customer was talking about using his crane for tree services. What surprised me wasn’t the fact that the crane worked so well, but that he nonchalantly talked about the HIAB 650, a crane that is at least 30 years old! Few cranes have been as popular around the world as the HIAB 650 . When it is fully extended, the crane can easily lift more than a tonne, carrying an impressive load of wood at a time. Although there have been larger cranes with the ability to pick up 10 times that weight, they cannot get into confined spaces like the HIAB 650.

This HIAB 650 is being used by Simcoe Muskoka Tree Services.

The HIAB 650 continues to be one of the most popular used cranes owing to its durability. Although the crane is no longer under production, the older models continue to provide years of services without losing out on quality. The HIAB 650 can be operated at different outreach levels from 1.7 meters to 5 meters. At the minimum outreach of 1.7 meters, the HIAB 650 can lift an impressive 3,500 kg and at full outreach, this crane can lift about 1,200 kg. And to top it all off, Atlas Polar still services the HIAB 650 model crane and has parts stock.