What You Need to Know About HIAB Sea Cranes

Here at Atlas Polar, we take great pride in being able to offer the finest there is when it comes to equipment and this includes our HIAB Sea Cranes.

Tips To Help You Make the Right Purchase for a HIAB Sea Crane
Our HIAB Sea Cranes have been specifically designed as a marine crane for sea use and have been around since the early 1960’s. Ever since, they have been earning their impeccable reputation for being a marine crane that can be relied upon. Their components are comprised of materials that can be trusted to resist corrosion, which is critically important, considering the salt water and harsh environment they are constantly exposed to.

We know this is an important investment for you, and in order to make sure it’s going to do the job, we start by asking some very important questions. This way we know exactly what you’re looking for. The details you provide with tell us which HIAB Sea Crane that you need to get the job done right.
Here’s what we need to know:
– The types and weight of the loads you need to lift.
– The distance from the edge of where the crane would be mounted and how far the crane needs to reach.
– Where you would like to have it mounted and if you require one or two cranes.
– Where the load has to be transported.
– If you need a hoist and what the depth requirements.

This information allows us to determine which model would be the best for you based on three key factors, including capacity, reach, and if you require a hoist. Once this is determined, we can concentrate on the details of the installation itself. We need to determine if it has to be a direct or pedestal mount. Plans have to be made to implement a power source, and this can be done by using a power pack, or as it is sometimes called, a hydraulic power unit. It consists of an electric motor, oil reservoir, filtration, and pump. This ensures there is proper flow and pressure to the crane.

Each crane comes with a remote control valve, and we need to know what the preference is for installing this. The HIAB Sea Crane comes with the HIAB XS drive, which is a standard radio control, but we also offer the option of either a Polar Remote cable or radio remote control system. You can also choose to have the standard valve mounted separately on a pedestal.

In the last five years of our HIAB Sea Crane sales, about 80% were sold with the remote control systems. They are used for all applications and are a great safety feature as they allow the operator to move about, giving him better visualization, creating a safe working atmosphere.

The precise measurement of the deck itself is required for installation, and we would need to figure out if any reinforcement of the deck would be needed. Most vessels are designed for heavy equipment such as this but if the steel of the deck happens to be thin, it will require reinforcement.

There are important factors that a Sea Crane owner needs to know and we like to inform our customers about these. These cranes are able to meet the specified certifications. They are constructed to last and are able to endure the harsh environment they work in. Anti-corrosion is extremely important, and the HIAB Sea Cranes excel in this area with stainless steel and galvanized components being used wherever possible. The heavy duty bolts are plated, and top quality Marine primer and paints are used.

Atlas Polar offers HIAB Sea Cranes ranging from small to large, and the two most popular that are kept in stock are the 121 and the 061 model Sea Cranes. In addition to this, there are several accessories available that make these cranes even more impressive.

Add-ons, such as a hoist and anti-tube block system, are available and there are some options for pedestals or marine bases as well. In addition to these, here at Atlas Polar, we’re especially proud to be able to offer two very important accessories that we have designed. One is the hoist emergency release. In the event there is a power failure and the load needs to be lowered, this add-on will allow for this. Then there is our special pedestal remote control system that easily bolts to the deck and allows the crane to be raised. It can also house the power pack.

If you have any questions about the HIAB Sea Cranes, please leave a comment below.