Watson Building Supplies Delivers On Time, Every Time with HIAB Cranes

We are always happy to show our equipment in action, this time with Watson Building Supplies.

Watson Building Supplies provides drywall, insulation, steel framing, roofing products, stucco, tools, and landscaping products for professional contractors. They serve clients across Ontario from four locations: Vaughn, Belleville, Barrie, and Burlington. In business for over 20 years, the company has a reputation for being a progressive enterprise in the building supply business.

To carry out its high reach deliveries, Watson Building Supplies depends on a new HIAB XS 435K truck mounted crane. The 435K was designed for building sites and is especially well-suited to drywall deliveries.

With its double telescoping inner boom and four telescoping outer boom extensions, the 435K offers a 92’ reach from the ground. HIAB’s HiPro control system offers incredible precision, making deliveries through balconies, windows, and doors smooth and easy. HIAB’s Valve 91, also included in the 435K, is the ultimate in hydraulic valve technology. Valve 91 offers fingertip control, no matter the position of the crane. The CombiDrive remote control offers outstanding lever response and includes three active displays to provide operators with relevant information from the crane. We invite you to click the link below to see just how easy drywall deliveries are with the HIAB XS 435K.

Watson Building Supplies has enjoyed tremendous growth in the past three years. With over 190 employees and 80 trucks in their fleet, Watson Building Supplies has large volume purchasing power, which translates into cost savings for their customers. We wish them continued success in the future!

For more information on the HIAB XS 435K, visit our HIAB XS 435K Truck Mounted Crane page.