Visitors Flock to Atlas Polar to View Multilift Hooklifts

We’ve had some feathered visitors recently at Atlas Polar and wanted to share a photo of their walk about the yard. What piqued their interest? Some recently sold Multilift hooklifts that we have stacked in the yard.

The picture shows just a small sample of the Multilift hooklifts we have available. Atlas Polar currently offers models ranging from the XR 4/5, with lifting capacity between 9,000 and 12,000 lbs, to the heavy duty XR 30 with its lifting capacity of 72,000 lbs.

The hooklift gives you the flexibility to load, haul and dump loads of various sizes by quickly and easy changing truck bodies. One-person operation makes the hooklift a smart, cost-effective option for materials handling.

For complete product details, full-colour brochures, and technical specs, take a “gander” at our Multilift hooklift pages.