The Versatility of HIAB Cranes Apparent over 40 Years Ago

Taking a look back to Canada’s centennial year of 1967, we see that the innovators at HIAB had discovered many new applications for the versatile Speedloader, as HIAB cranes were then known.

The seventh edition of HIAB Method magazine, attached here, describes some very interesting uses of HIAB cranes: operating only ten degrees from the North Pole, mounted on trucks and trains in Canada, and new applications in the building trades industry.

As the introduction to the magazine says, “The numerous ways in which HIAB can simplify goods handling are reflected in its ceaseless spread to new fields of application. The utility and efficiency of HIAB loaders are also being increased by the many different attachments and ancillaries and the many specialised mounting and equipment alternatives that HIAB’s designers have developed.”

The spirit of innovation existed then at HIAB and continues today with the latest models and options available in HIAB truck mounted cranes. Our next few blog posts will highlight some of the articles in this edition of HIAB Method magazine.