Assembly Kit Houses Erected by the HIAB Method

Assembling houses using pre-fabricated sections is commonplace today but back in the late 60s this method of home building was in its infancy.

An article in HIAB Method number 7 talks about the housing market at the time, citing the housing shortage, a lack of labour, and soaring wages as the reasons behind a call for greater efficiency in building methods.

One solution was developed in Sweden. Skilled craftspeople would work together in a factory setting to create house assembly kits. For a single-storey house, the kit would consist of six large blocks that made up the exterior walls of the house. These pre-fabricated walls included all conduits, pipes and glazed windows. All they needed for completion was paint and wallpaper.

The challenge, of course, was moving these heavy walls into place. That is where the HIAB 177 Speedloader came into play. With the precise control offered by the crane, three inexperienced men were able to erect the walls of the house in a matter of hours.

The seventh edition of HIAB Method shares all the details of the operation—a very interesting process that you can read about by clicking the link to the PDF copy of the magazine, below.

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