Stability is No Longer an Issue for VSL-Equipped HIAB Cranes

Stability VS Capacity - VSL-Equipped HIAB Cranes the best of both worlds!

The stability versus capacity concern has been duly addressed by HIAB with VSL or variable stability limit. The solution maximizes the capacity of the crane relative to its stability, delivering efficiencies in both departments. It is able to achieve this by accurately registering the distance to which the stabilizer extensions are extended. This makes the safety system the most advanced of its kind.

VSL now allows cranes to use higher capacities in sectors where this was previously restricted. This in itself, is a big advantage, bringing about enhanced productivity in many more applications. VSL accomplishes this through its built-in sensors that communicate the position of the stabilizers to the Space system, and enable them to reach optimal capacity in all the positions. VSL also allows step-less extension of the stabilizer legs thanks to its analogues sensors.

Of course, safety is an-important aspect where VSL hits the bull’s eye. The pressure applied on the stabilizer extensions is measured to supervise stability. When the stabilizer legs cannot be fully extended, working at optimum capacity is still possible relative to the stability legs position. In this way, the vehicle’s stability is secured through variable stability limit.

HIAB cranes with VSL offer better safety for both operator and the vehicle. They are apt choices in industries and applications where higher capacities are handled on a regular basis. In line with HIAB’s continued innovation, VSL is a great solution that tackles the issue of safety in relation to capacity effectively. Cargo handlers can now enjoy more peace of mind knowing that their VSL equipped HIAB cranes are offering the best of both worlds!