See HIAB Cranes at Work for Klippenstein Hauling

Klippenstein Hauling Ltd. provides site cleanup and commercial rubbish removal for businesses in Winnipeg. To get the job done right, they rely on HIAB 035 Light Range cranes from Atlas Polar.

Whether they are picking up wood waste, scrap metal, concrete, shingles or even organic waste, the HIAB crane does the job quickly and efficiently. To see it in action, visit the Klippenstein Hauling website. They have a number of still photographs, including a close-up of the grapple attachment used to grab large piles of garbage. There’s also a great video clip of the crane that shows how easy it is to operate. Note the operator using the remote control to make short work of cleaning up the rubbish pile.

Proving just how effective the HIAB truck mounted crane has been, Klippenstein Hauling has purchased three of them in total. To read more about the company, check out the customer success story in our truck mounted equipment in action section.