Rent-to-Own Makes Purchasing Easy

Are you looking for a way to obtain new truck mounted equipment without tapping into your line of credit? Do you need to spread out the costs of new equipment over time, so payments are more manageable?

The Atlas Polar rent-to-own program is the answer. When you rent-to-own, you pay a fixed cost each month, which helps you with your budgeting. At the end of the rental period, the equipment is yours.

Our reputation for devising innovative solutions for our customers extends to our rent-to-own program. Unlike other truck mounted equipment companies, we can and do self-finance. Because our program is in-house, we set the rules. We make our own decisions about who should be approved, and we base those decisions on people, not assets. We keep the paperwork to a minimum and we don’t look at your financial statements.

For over two decades, our customers have acquired new equipment without large initial capital outlays. You can too. To learn more about our rent-to-own program, visit our Payment Options page.