R. Marcil & Frères Inc. and the New HIAB XS 435K Featured in Infrastructures Magazine

Infrastructures Magazine, as many of you may know, is Canada’s leading magazine for heavy machinery users. We were very excited to see the September 2009 issue, which features the HIAB XS 435K crane on its cover. The crane is owned by R. Marcil & Frères Inc., a client of HIAB Québec and is shown delivering building materials at a new home job site.

The XS 435K is an exciting new addition to the HIAB line. It has a vertical reach of 28 m (92 feet) from the ground so you can easily deliver loads as high as the ninth floor. It has a lifting capacity of 3 700 kg at 7.4 metres, and 800 kg at 23.2 metres. Even with such heavy loads, the controls operate smoothly and easily, thanks to HIAB’s proprietary remote control technology.

With the Hi Pro control system, safety, speed and precision are assured. The HIAB XS 435K brings the Hi Pro system together with HIAB’s Valve 91 hydraulic valve technology and its highly responsive CombiDrive remote control. This combination offers incredible efficiency and safety for delivering loads to hard–to–reach locations.

Adding to the crane’s safety are the seven-metre wide stabilizers that come standard. A drywall pallet fork is also standard.

The crane features a double telescoping inner boom and four telescoping outer boom extensions. By internally mounting the extensions in this crane, HIAB ensures that they are well protected from being struck by the load.

Fuel efficiency is realized through use of a standard variable pump, which ensures that only the exact amount of oil required is used. Because it pumps less oil, operators save money in fuel costs.

To view the article in French, visit http://www.infrastructures.com/archives.htm and check the September 2009 issue. Click here for more information on the HIAB XS 435.