HIAB Sea Cranes Suited to Any Marine Application

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HIAB has a reputation as an innovator and a manufacturer of high quality products. That reputation extends to its line of sea cranes, available in Canada exclusively through Atlas Polar and it’s network of sales dealers.

HIAB sea cranes are used in all kinds of industries, from military to oil and gas to adventure tours.

They are specially designed to withstand corrosion from harsh ocean environments. Stainless steel bolts, pipes, and hose fittings prevent corrosion, as do galvanized extension booms and chrome plating. A specialized double–duty slewing system offers flexibility in operation, without limiting lifting capacity.

HIAB’s precision remote controls are included as options with any sea crane. You can also add on hydraulic power packs and winches.

Atlas Polar is proud of its long association with HIAB and we are very pleased to offer you the versatile range of HIAB sea cranes, from the 8tm 081 model to the 26tm Sea Crane 301.

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