Multilift Hooklifts and HIAB Cranes Support Fire Fighters Around the Globe

As we all know, fire fighters rely on specialized vehicles to get their jobs done. In addition to big pumpers and ladder trucks, each fire fighting team is supported by smaller vehicles that carry extra equipment or assist with salvage and overhaul. Until recently, they used vehicles with fixed bodies. These vehicles were proving to be highly inefficient – they had limited uses and also had to spend a lot of time in stand-by mode until the fire fighters completed their work.

Fire departments have recently discovered a better way to outfit their support vehicles: Multilift hooklifts and HIAB cranes. Here are a couple of examples of how fire fighters are using this tandem of equipment in their everyday work:

  • The Surrey Fire Department wanted a modular truck that could load or unload the necessary equipment at a site and, if required, head off to another site to assist. They chose a combination of Multilift hooklift and HIAB crane. In fact, they were the first in North America to use this type of multi-purpose vehicle.
  • The Dutch Fire Brigade and Highway Patrol had similar needs. They wanted a versatile vehicle that could provide tools, mobile water pumps, hose reels and water tanks. They chose a Multilift hooklift (with innovative automated PLC control) and the HIAB XS 111 crane.

Both fire departments recognized the distinct advantages of a combination HIAB truck boom and Multilift hooklift for assisting and supporting their important work. These new vehicles can carry a wide variety of equipment. They can quickly and easily unload at one site and then move onto the next site to provide support there. Clearly, these innovative load handling solutions have improved incident logistics for these fire departments.

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