Multilift Hooklift XR 21S: Power and Performance

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The Multilift Hooklift has proven itself to be a must-have for firms looking to improve truck fleet efficiency. With the hooklift, you can transform a single truck into a multi-purpose fleet by simply changing the body type to suit the job.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, this versatile performer has been put to work in all kinds of industries, including fire and rescue, waste haulage, agriculture and municipal utilities.

The Multilift XR 21S is in the “power range” of hooklifts. With a maximum load capacity of 50,000 lbs, the XR 21S is designed for hard work. The XR 21S line includes three models with body lengths ranging from 15 to 24 ft.. It boasts a low installation weight compared to its capacity and offers reliable and ergonomic PLC-operated electronic controls.

The XR 21S is the tool you need to transform your 3-axle truck and improve your efficiency and productivity. Want to learn more? Our Multilift Hooklift XR 21S page has all the information you need, including technical specifications, a selection chart, and a helpful guide to choosing the right hooklift system.