Looking Back with HIAB Method Magazine

HIAB and Atlas Polar have been partners for a very long time—since 1953 in fact. We are the oldest independent HIAB truck crane dealer in the world! This long history was brought home to me when I stumbled upon some old issues of HIAB Method magazine.

I found an original copy of the first issue dated 1965 that outlines why the HIAB chose the name “Method” for its customer magazine. It’s right there in a quote on the first page:

“HIAB is an abbreviation that has come to stand for a new method. A method of getting loading and unloading jobs done, not by manual and muscular effort, not with sweat and strain, but by using a simple aid which is always on hand when wanted, which is ready for instant action, and which deals with loading and unloading SAFELY CONVENIENTLY ECONOMICALLY.”

Forty-five years later, that quote still applies to everything HIAB does. The company is known for its commitment to safety, its quality products, for its dedication to helping customers gain efficiency, and for making hard work easier.

I’ve really enjoyed looking back with HIAB, at the evolution from “Speedloader” (a 1960’s era HIAB hydraulic truck mounted crane) to today’s powerful, and full-featured HIAB boom trucks, and I look forward to sharing some of their past achievements with you in future blog posts!