Lightest and Shortest Moffett Yet

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Got a heavy load to move in a small space? The Moffett M2 15.1 is the forklift for you.

Among Moffett truck mounted forklifts, the M2 15.1 is light, narrow, and easy to move but still offers the most power within its load capacity class—it handles loads up to 1,500 kg. With less overhang than other Moffett forklift models, the M2 is ideal for small trucks.

In addition to manoeuvrability, the M2 offers greatly improved ergonomics. The driver compartment is spacious and comfortable with a large steering wheel that means less turning of the wheel and better visibility.

The attached article from HIAB Method magazine gives you all the details about the new M2 15.1, including the new technologies included in its design.

Atlas Polar is pleased to carry a wide selection of Moffett piggyback truck mounted forklifts suited to many different applications—building supply, turf, food and beverage, utilities, general cartage and more.

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