HIAB at Work in Rebuilding Efforts in Iraq

Imagine the challenges of working in a place like Iraq, especially if your work involves rebuilding infrastructure.

An article in the latest edition of HIAB Method describes how HIAB truck mounted loader cranes are being deployed by the Iraq Ministry of Energy. The cranes are being used to load and unload transformers, large power cable drums and other applications related to re-establishing the electrical system in the country.

One of the reasons Cargotec won the tender was its ability to provide the best technical solution and to provide local sales and service expertise. There were other benefits to choosing Cargotec as well. Delivery times were much improved because of Cargotec’s relationship with a local, third-party distributor. Installation times were reduced because of the modular assembly design used by Cargotec.

The truck crane used by the Ministry of Energy is the Hiab 244 EP-4 CLX. It has a lifting capacity of 20.7tm and a reach of 12.7m and is controlled easily with the CLX control system.

To learn more about the complete solution offered by Cargotec, we invite you to read the article in the attached PDF.

Our HIAB truck mounted cranes page can tell you more about the HIAB cranes carried by Atlas Polar, including complete product specs.