Lake Scugog Lumber and HIAB XS 244 on Delivery

Since 1931, Lake Scugog Lumber Inc. has supplied building materials, roof trusses, and floor systems to businesses within a 200-km radius of its location in Port Perry, Ontario.

The company sells complete framing packages (lumber, plywood, floor systems, and roof trusses manufactured on site), a wide selection of lumber (spruce, PAD, KD, MSR, and pressure-treated), and all manner of building supplies. The company also has the most advanced roof truss fabricating equipment available.

Of course, delivery is a big part of their job. Lake Scugog Lumber delivers all over south-central Ontario, from Barrie to Peterborough, as far east as Kingston, and as far west as Mississauga.

To carry out their deliveries, Lake Scugog Lumber uses a HIAB XS 244 truck-mounted crane, shown in the attached video. The crane is ideal for the building supplies industry. Like all HIAB cranes, it offers a low weight and small footprint relative to its lifting capacity of 22tm. Because it takes up little space on the truck, it leaves more room for payload.

Complete technical specs are available on our HIAB XS 244 page.