HIAB’s VSL-V Gains Edge over Other Cranes

HIAB's VSL-V Gains Edge over Other Cranes

HIAB’s Variable Stability Limit i.e. the VSL-V system complete with analog sensors has made it a popular option for transportation companies. HIAB equipment is generally chosen by transport companies like Jansson & Frank Transport AB due to a number of advanced features for speed and precision. With the VSL-V, HIAB trucks and cranes now boast extra stability. The system is designed to ensure that the truck does not tip over during operations.

The VSL-V manages to keep the truck stable while maximizing the outreach and lifting capacity of the crane. The system is capable of sensing exactly how far the stabilizer legs are spread and also assists the crane to handle heavy loads in restricted spaces. These stabilizing extensions have in-built sensors that keep track of the movement and position of the truck and the additional pressure sensors detect the amount of pressure inflicted on the stabilizer legs.

The European Union machinery directive states that vehicles should have up-to-date security and disconnecting these systems is considered illegal. However with the VSL-V, the integrated system gets rid of all security concerns raised by the EU. The VSL-V system is a helpful addition whether you are hauling heavy machinery or transporting construction equipment.

The VSL-V helps prevent accidents in numerous situations. If the operator is unable to see the exact position of the vehicle, the remote control of the VSL-V pinpoints the accurate position of the stabilizer legs and the corresponding lifting capacity. Additionally, the VSL-V system takes charge if the operator is distracted and forgets to leave out the stabilizers or lower the crane when necessary.