HIAB XS 211 – Lots of Power in a Compact Crane

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The HIAB XS 211 truck crane is an ideal crane for smaller trucks. In fact, it is one of the largest cranes that can be installed on a two-axle crane without requiring additional stabilizers.

This crane is highly customizable, making it a versatile performer. Its lifting capacity is 7,100 kg at 2.5 m and 960 kg at 14.2 m (with the HiDuo control system). When you add a jib to the crane, its outreach is further enhanced.

Like all HIAB cranes in this range, it has a selection of control systems, including the HiDuo or HiPro. It also includes the E-link system, which gives the crane more capability for handling heavy loads close to the column. Adding a P-boom, with its additional five extensions, can increase the lifting capacity even more.

For full specifications this medium-range crane, visit our HIAB XS 211 page. You’ll find an overview of the product, as well as a downloadable crane brochure and basic data sheet with full specifications on the crane. You will also find our handy guide for selecting the right truck mounted crane for your business.