HIAB Method Magazine #8

HIAB Method Magazine No. 8 from 1967

The HIAB Method Magazine No. 8 from 1967 shone the spotlight on a simpler day and age when faced with fewer effective loading solutions, workers would lift loads manually or use ropes and other rudimentary tools to discharge and move loads at job sites. The improved HIAB 174 Speedloader ushered in greater load-handling efficiency and performance. While the star of this issue of Method was clearly the 174 Speedloader, the magazine also featured articles on the BL7 bogie lift and the 177 Speedloader.

The featured articles showed through customer testimonials and photographs, how the 174 helped out at different job sites. From a scrap yard in England to a precast-concrete cast works in Stockholm, the 174 served various kinds of jobs diligently. The extensions built into the crane allowed it to lift weights at a height of eleven meters. This, combined with its lightweight mechanism saw the 174 being used to feed animals like elephants and giraffes safely. When it came to versatility, the 174 delivered brilliantly.

The magazine tells us how HIAB products were the top choice of many industries back in the 60’s as well. Even as the technologically-advanced HIAB cranes of today offer wireless warning and remote control in risky environments, it is great to read about the developments made by HIAB’s products over the years. While the emphasis in the early days was to get the job done as efficiently as is possible, many more factors like ease of maintenance play an important role in the design of modern-day truck mounted equipment from the manufacturer.