Moffett eNX forklifts + Pets at Home truck

Moffett ‘electrified’ Pets at Home with the distribution advantages of its e-Series NX Moffett forklifts. This change has allowed this leading pet care business to boost its deliveries to over 450 stores across the UK, improving the lives of its workforce and customers.

Moffett’s all-electric, noise-free, emission-free, eco-friendly models were an obvious choice for the company. Their speed in getting deliveries off the truck and overall efficiency make a big difference in productivity. Quiet operation and zero emissions are positively impacting local communities where Pets at Home stores service their customers.

Moffett also sparked the company’s interest. They worked with Pets at Home’s distribution team at every step, talking with drivers, trainers, and management to answer questions and determine the best solution to meet their needs, winning their overwhelming support for the switch to electric.

Moffett eNX forklifts + Pets at Home truck

The company and the drivers are delighted with the new forklifts. They make it easier to make night deliveries, and Moffett’s hands-on approach helped “reassure our colleagues that… we will always look to find innovative ways to make their own positions and jobs easier, less stressful and safer,” says Steve Travis, Transport Manager at Pets at Home.

It’s a better solution for pets, people, and everyone at Pets at Home.