A Customer Speaks: All-Electric Moffett Forklifts

CM Transport Moffett

Meet C.M. Transport A/S and its driver, Soren Jensen. Two years ago, they took delivery of their first all-electric Moffett e4 forklift and quickly added ten additional all-electric Moffetts when the e5 models came out.

It’s reassuring to hear customers talk openly about their product experience. C.M. Transport A/S is a Danish transportation company specializing in building materials. It is a firm believer that “everyone is going green in due time” and is committed to doing its part to fight climate change because “we need to keep up as transporters.” C.M.’s lever in the green transformation? Testing and making the switch from traditional diesel Moffett forklifts to all-electric models.

They began with a single Moffett e4, assigning it to driver Soren Jensen to test drive the same consistent routes as he had with his Moffett M4 truck-mounted forklift. It went well from the start – the customer and the driver were happy.

What did the driver think of the Moffett e4, and how did it compare to the Moffett M4 he was used to?

The Moffett all-electric e4 forklift fits the operator’s daily schedule really well. It did the job without fumes or noise and it went well with his customers, who wanted him to drive loads directly into their warehouses and shops. With the Moffett e4, he saved time and emissions by not having to shut the engine down to unload and restart. A high-definition screen made it easy to see the wheel’s orientation, so backing up was easier on the driver’s neck as he never had to turn around. The whisper-quiet, noise-free machine made it easy to talk to customers about where they wanted things and deliver what they wanted. “You realize how great that is,” said Jensen. He found it as simple, quick and well-made as the M4 model he was used to.

Another bonus for the driver and employer was how easy it was to charge the all-electric Moffett. It provided a huge time—and money-saving advantage for them. C.M. Transport A/S sees replacing its entire fleet of 45 M4 truck-mounted forklifts with all-electric M5 models.

Don’t take our word for it. Watch the video to hear it directly from this happy all-electric Moffett customer.

The first all-electric Moffett e-series forklifts are available now from Atlas Polar and our national sales and service dealers.