Compact and Powerful HIAB XS 855 Now Available

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Leave it to HIAB to respond to customer feedback in such a positive way. When customers began asking for a crane with a longer outreach than the XS 800 and as powerful as the 1055, but with a lower installation height, HIAB got to work.

The result is the HIAB XS 855. It has a capacity of 80 tonne metres, making it second only to the 1055 in capacity. With its 10 hydraulic extensions (plus more in the EP boom system), the crane has outstanding reach. Adding a jib 145 X can extend the lifting height to over 30 metres.

The crane was designed to increase speed and productivity. Speed is boosted by 30% and productivity by more than 20% over previous models, according to tests carried out by the company.

Boasting the excellent Hi Pro control system, pump flow distribution, SPACE 5000 Intelligence System and HIAB’s proprietary hydraulic valve technology, Valve 91, the XS 855 is one impressive machine. To learn more about it, visit our HIAB XS 855 product page.