Cleasby Roofing Conveyor Makes Roofing Jobs Highly Efficient

Companies like Herman’s Building Centres (HBC) rely on truck-mounted equipment to help them meet the needs of their many clients. For this company, delivery of roofing products in a safe, quick, and efficient manner is a critical requirement for the timely success of the completed roofing project.

HBC puts many different pieces of delivery equipment to use, and the Cleasby Roofing Conveyor plays a key role in their delivery efficiency. In their new video, Herman’s Building Centres highlights the benefits of using the Cleasby Roofing Conveyor to complete construction projects with ease.

This piece of truck-mounted equipment makes for quick and easy conveyor setup for the operator. It has also been designed for easy operation, keeping safety as the top priority every time.

The conveyor is an excellent lower cost choice for delivery because of its versatility. It works .well in tight areas, allowing operators to get close to the job site to deliver the materials.

Using this equipment provides a safer atmosphere for roof workers, who need to be able to focus on their footing while accessing their required materials. Having less distance to have to walk to retrieve what they need is great safety feature, as well as a time-saver. Removing the difficulty of managing heavy materials allows for a more productive and efficient work environment.

Many companies rely on HBC for their projects, and for good reason. HBC focuses on customer service and reliability to ensure that materials are delivered safely and on time, allowing projects to be completed more quickly and easily.