Cargotec introduces portable simulator for offshore crane operator training

Anyone working in the materials handling industry knows the advantages of proper operator training. Comprehensive training improves operator safety, increases efficiency, and reduces the chance of damage or downtime due to incorrect operation.

The team at Cargotec knows the value of training. Already known as an innovator in product design and engineering solutions, Cargotec (parent company of HIAB, Moffett and Multilift) has recently added a whole new dimension to operator training for offshore crane operators. On August 24, the company unveiled a new training simulator that will provide realistic training for operators of offshore load handling equipment, including training in failure and emergency situations in a range of environments.

The simulator is housed in a single, 20ft. container, making it transportable to wherever a customer needs it. It has a full-scale crane cabin interior with multiple high-resolution displays that mimic windows, giving the operator a complete view of the operating area.

As project manager Eldri Nærum notes, “”We have succeeded in creating such a realistic crane cabin that we expect our trainees will forget that they are not operating a real crane. Realistic sounds enhance the experience and a head tracking feature means that when the seated operator looks out any of the windows, the view changes seamlessly according to the movement of his head.”

Proving yet again that it is an industry leader, Cargotec has taken full advantage of advances in simulator technology to add this value-added solution to its line-up.

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