Atlas Polar’s Cutting Edge Wireless Remote Control Systems

Polar Remote BrochureI have a tough time writing about the Atlas Polar Wireless Remote Control Systems. Not because I do not have a lot to say about the subject – I actually have a lot to say about this cutting edge precision remote technology – but the truth is I have a hard time not going off on a tangent about how cool this wireless remote system really is. For example, did you know that it was the President of Atlas Polar, Bob Parr, that invented North America’s first true fully proportional remote control system for adding to hydraulic valves back in ’72. Coolness factor aside, though, I will try to stay en Pointe.

As I mentioned, the Polar Wireless Remote Control System is an industry-leading wireless radio control system. It offers unloading technology that is convenient, versatile and efficient. The fully-proportional wireless remote system allows the driver-operator to control unloading from the drop site – even from a second floor window opening – allowing an additional hand for fast unloading of deliveries.

The wonderful thing about this system is that it allows the operator completer freedom of movement. Utilizing the wireless Polar Remote, a crane operator can safely (and without a spotter) unload from the best possible viewing position. The load is dropped precisely where it is needed, without being tied to the crane itself. Once the load is on the ground, the operator can then assist in unloading, freeing up valuable manpower on the jobsite and allowing for a quick turnaround on jobsite deliveries.

Polar Remote Control Systems can readily be installed on either new or existing truck cranes and do not require a reworking of your crane’s existing hydraulics system. By reducing loading/unloading times and improving operator efficiency, a wireless Polar Remote Control System will lower your operator costs while improving operator and site safety. How cool is that?