Hydrorake Hydrorake Trash Rake – Single Boom ST9000

  • Increase Flow Efficiency and Reduce Operations Costs by running the Hydrorake automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Improve Safety and Staff Morale using Hydrorake over manual raking methods.
  • Maximize Installation Flexibility with effective trash raking on intakes of any width and on racks with any bar spacing.
  • Purchase with Confidence as Hydrorake is the number #1 trash cleaning system for intake screens in North America.

The Atlas Polar trash raking system cleans any gauge screen or bar rack. Installation upstream provides space for trash removal and deck access for personnel. The fully automatic system replaces handraking, which is still the most common method of rack maintenance. The Hydrorake imitates this action automatically 24 hours a day even in the coldest weather. The PLC control system comes complete with HMI screen. Permits tailoring the operational sequencing to any flow or debris conditions at each intake. Multiple units can be used on the Hydrorake rail system for intakes with large masses of debris such as the USBR fish screen protection barrier in central Washington state. How the Atlas Polar ST9000 Hydrorake System works:

  • A telescopic boom with rake head extends into the water by means of a hydraulic/ mechanical boom system.
  • A hydraulic cylinder tilts the boom to hold the rake against the racks at a constant pressure while a second cylinder lifts the boom.
  • When the rake reaches the top of the racks it automatically dumps the debris.
  • The optional heavy duty conveyor system then moves the debris to a collection area on either side of the intake.

Technical Specifications

  • Lift capacity 1,500 lbs. debris
  • Raking depth 34 ft. below deck elevation and triple
  • Rake boom design Single telescopic and triple staging available
  • PLC Control Auto control panel complete with HMI screen with alternate Radio controller.
  • Power supply 240/480/575V, 3 phase, 60 hz
  • Parts Standard production items, hi-interchangeability
  • Hydraulic system 2,250 psi
  • Inward rake pressure Rake exerts an adjustable 200 - 300 Psi pressure on trashracks during upward raking motion
  • Rakehead width standard width 42"; wide, custom widths available.

Download Hydrorake Trash Rake – Single Boom ST9000 Brochures