M8 55.3 NX


Moffett M8 55.3 NX
  • Easily handle heavy, bulky loads in tight spots, over the curb and in rough conditions
  • Save time and money. Enhance safety and productivity with new Ground Start®
  • Easy access and even more cost-effective servicing thanks to a refined chassis + simple component layout
  • Lower fuel costs, emissions + down time with the clog-free, DPF-free Kohler 56hp Turbo diesel engine
  • Do more. Save more. Optional Ground Mount® system lets you mount + dismount without ever climbing on the trailer or forklift

New NX features add safety, comfort, productivity + performance

New NX features add a lot to an already great machine. A refined design is lighter and stronger than ever. It improves visibility. It’s more fuel-efficient and makes accessing and servicing components including the new multi-function hydraulic valve system faster, easier and more economical. And it has long-lasting LED work lights, streetlights and truck lights to make night time loading even safer and easier.

And best of all, the new M8 55.3 NX is even faster and easier to mount, dismount and start – the only reason to get on the machine is to get started working. That saves time – every time – and with the thousands of deliveries you make that can add up to major savings. Moffett NX comes standard with Ground Start®, a unique push button that lets you get going anywhere more quickly without ever climbing on the forklift to connect or disconnect chains. When you put that together with the standard remote start, cold weather deliveries get a whole lot better.

All of this can be made better yet. Moffett Ground Mount® is a patented, fully remote control system that literally lets you mount on and off the truck without ever getting on your forklift. It’s the ultimate time saver and is now an available option on all M8 NX models.

Good reasons why the M8 55.3 NX is the industry standard + #1 in Canada

The Moffett M8 55.3 NX truck-mounted forklift is a light powerhouse, easily lifting 5,500 lbs. up to a full 12-foot lift height. An all-wheel drive hydrostatic system with anti-stall lets you turn on a dime and lets you easily handle long, heavy, bulky loads in tight spots, over the curb and in rough conditions. The two-stage retractable mast with integrated side shift with tilt functions allows easy positioning of your load where you want it.

Powerful handling, a smooth ride + fewer emissions

The M8 55.3 NX gives you comfort, smooth travel, and clean, quiet operation. An intake grid heater and block heater are a boon in cold weather. And its powerful Tier 4 Kohler 56 hp Turbo diesel engine has lower emissions and is DPF-free, so there’s no filter to clog. And the hydraulic telescopic stabilizers give you greater stability, capacity + ground clearance.

Productivity, durability, support + the highest resale value in the market

Like all Moffett forklifts, the M8 55.3 NX easily mounts on the back of your truck, and using Moffett Lower & Go®, one-person can mount or dismount in just one minute – so you can deliver more with fewer people and fewer trucks.  That equals productivity and savings.

There’s even more about the Moffett M8 55.3 NX that saves you money. Moffett forklifts have the highest resale value in the market. Plus they’re backed by Atlas Polar’s unparalleled national service network.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 5,500 lb @ 24" load centres/2500 kg @ 600mm load centres
Lift Height: (std.) 120 in/3040 mm
Engine Power: 56 hp/42 kw (Tier 4 Final)