HIAB XS 322 Truck Crane

  • A heavy-range crane designed for maximum performance in reach and lifting power.
  • Greater accessibility in small spaces with the HIAB X-function boom system
  • Enhanced power for lifting heavy loads close to the column with the E-link inner boom
  • Superior precision, speed and safety with the advanced HiPro Control System
  • Consistent performance no matter how many functions you use with HIAB's Pump Flow Distribution (PFD) system.

HIAB´s XS 322 is a heavy-range crane designed for maximum performance in reach and lifting power with low-weight construction. Like all HIAB products, the XS 322 is built to last and designed to handle high-stress loads.

The XS 322 includes many design innovations that give the crane more power and maneuverability. The X-function provides greater accessibility in small spaces. The E-link inner boom provides enhanced power for lifting heavy loads close to the column, like scaffolding. HIAB´s reputation as a world leader in crane boom construction is evident in the XS 322. The hexagonal profile of the boom ensures that the boom is always in perfect balance. This shape also allows for larger slide pads that reduce wear and tear on the boom. The optional 5-extension P-boom offers a controlled extension and retraction sequence that reduces the total boom weight.

Control options include either the CLX or HiPro system. The HiPro is the most advanced on the market, offering superior precision, speed and safety. The Hi Pro control system includes the SPACE 5000 intelligence system, housed in a 100% weatherproof casing, to manage all crane electronics in an easy-to-use interface. Automatic Duty Control and Automatic Speed Control are integral parts of the SPACE 5000 system, ensuring smooth operation at all times.

With the Pump Flow Distribution (PFD) system, you are assured consistent performance, no matter how many functions you are using. The PFD distributes oil in proportion to operator lever movements, ensuring there is always enough oil to keep the crane working smoothly. Maximum versatility is assured with a wide range of optional attachments for the crane.

Technical Specifications

Lifting Capacity: 9,100 kg @ 3.1 m / 840 kg @ 20.9 m
Max Hydraulic Outreach: 22.6 m