Pre-owned Multilift XR5S Hooklift on Ford Truck Work-Ready Package for Sale

Pre-owned Multilift XR5S on Ford Truck Work-Ready Package for Sale

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Multilift Hooklift Multilift Hooklift Details

Model: XR5S
Year: 2021
Lifting Capacity: 12,000 lbs
Body Length: 10'-11'
Dump Angle: 50 degrees
Accessories: 2 x toolboxes, poly fenders, rear lights steel mesh protected

Truck Truck Details

Make: Ford
Model: F600 XLT 4x4
Year: 2021
Mileage: 239,000 kms
Engine: 6.7L
Transmission: automatic
Deck Length  
GVW: 19,500 lbs
Rear Axle:  
Wheelbase (WB):  
Cab to Axle (CA)  
Comments: Impeccable condition! Looks like new! Certified and ready work!
Truck + Multilift Package Price: Call Atlas Polar for pricing

Contact Details

Nick Georgoussis647-290-2764

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